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Frito Lay Canada

PepsiCo Globe icon At Frito Lay Canada, we are committed to offering a wide range of snacks that fit into any lifestyle. We believe that snacking should be good and fun, and for decades we've focused on simple, real, farm-grown ingredients. We are constantly working to improve the healthfulness of our existing products while maintaining the great taste and quality that Canadians expect from our brands. Our efforts include:

  • Launched Baked! Lay's potato chips in 1996 with 80% less fat than the leading potato chip.

  • Eliminated trans fat from our entire chip portfolio by moving to healthier oils. Began the transition in 2004 with our potato chip brands, Lay's and Ruffles, and completed the transition for our tortilla chips, Doritos and Tostitos in early 2006.

  • Introduced Lightly Salted and Low Sodium versions of our most popular Lay's, Ruffles, and Tostitos products.

  • Broadened our portfolio with the acquisition of Spitz International (Canada's leading maker of sunflower and pumpkin seeds) in 2008.

  • Reduced sodium levels across our entire portfolio of Lay's flavoured potato chips in 2009: each Lay's flavour has at least 25% less sodium per 50 gram serving while still offering the same great Lay's taste and quality Canadians love.

  • Made it easier for Canadians to incorporate whole grains into their diet with SunChips multigrain snacks. Most recently we increased the whole grain content of our Tostitos portfolio to 14 grams per 50 gram serving (excluding Organic and Gold), making these products eligible to carry the Whole Grain Stamp.

  • Launched Stacy's multigrain flavour pita chips in Canada in 2010, expanding the Stacy's portfolio of baked and trans fat free pita chips.

  • Launched Twistos Baked Snack Bites in Canada in 2011, expanding the offerings of baked and trans fat free snacks.

  • Reduced sodium levels in our Tostitos and SunChips portfolios in 2011.

  • Increased whole grains in Tostitos Scoops! in 2011.

  • Certified many of our Lay’s potato chips as gluten free through a program with the Canadian Celiac Association.

Learn more about Frito Lay Canada's brands here.

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