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Quaker Foods & Snacks

Sustainability The Quaker brand is committed to playing an active role in the health and wellness of Canadians. Launched by the pioneers of the oat industry over 130 years ago, the Quaker Oat was inspired by the ideals of honesty, purity and integrity - and the amazing nutritional value of a super grain known as the oat.

Throughout the years, we've used our expertise and pursued unique milling methods that provide wholesome nourishment with greater convenience. All three parts of the oat kernel are milled to deliver super grain nutrition. Oats are a simple natural ingredient that provide wholesome nutrition. Important nutrients include fibre, including soluble oat fibre (beta-glucan), protein, and unsaturated fats. All varieties of Quaker oatmeal - including our Large Flake Oats, Quick Oats, Instant Oatmeal, Oatmeal to Go Bars and Oatmeal Squares cereal offer whole grains, fibre and key nutrients that can help build a foundation for a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation estimates that close to 40% of Canadian adults have high cholesterol levels– a heart healthy concern for many. In 2010, Health Canada recognized the benefits of oat fibre as a means of helping reduce cholesterol, a risk factor for heart disease. The Quaker brand supports this powerful claim and the brand proudly communicates the health benefits of its products with oat fibre. The claim “1/3 cup (30 grams) of Quick Quaker Oats or Quaker Large Flake Oats supplies 40% of the daily amount of the fibres shown to help reduce cholesterol” is now found right on Quaker oatmeal packages.

With Canadians striving to achieve healthier lifestyles in busier-than-ever times, the Quaker brand has responded with a family of better-for-you portion snacks, lite snacks and granola bars that allow you to enjoy the great-tasting goodness of Quaker products conveniently throughout your busy day. We're proud of our ever-expanding family of snacks - from Quaker Crispy Minis rice chips and rice cakes, to Quaker Chewy Granola Bars which are made in a peanut free facility, and Quaker Harvest Crunch Granola Bars, made with whole grain Quaker oats and chunks of real fruit and nuts - that meet the demand for healthier, portable, convenient and great-tasting snacking.

Today, many Canadians are looking for foods and snacks they believe fits their healthy lifestyle and the Quaker portfolio offers a wide range of products that deliver against these needs. Our efforts include:

  • Quaker Instant Oatmeal varieties include some with a high source of fibre and one with 45% less sugar than our original flavours.

  • Introduced Quaker Weight Control Instant Oatmeal with more protein and fibre in each serving than our regular varieties.

  • Reduced sodium by 20% across all flavours of Quaker Instant Oatmeal.

  • In 2006, we launched Quaker Chewy granola bars, Canada's first made in a peanut free facility granola bar, perfect for school lunches and now available in 8 delicious flavours.

  • Eliminated trans fat from the entire Quaker Rice Cake portfolio.

  • Introduced a variety of 90-100 calorie portion control Quaker snacks and bars.

  • Transformed all Quaker rice based snacks to wholegrain brown rice.

  • Launched new Quaker Fibre & Omega-3 granola bars, providing a high source of fibre (5 grams) and 0.4 grams of Omega-3 per bar.

  • Increased the fibre in our Quaker Oatmeal To Go oatmeal bars to 4 grams per bar.

  • Improved our Quaker Yogourt granola bars to provide a 10% daily value for calcium.

  • Reduced sodium in Quaker Oat Squares and Maple Brown Sugar Oat Squares cereal.

  • Reformulated our frozen muffin batter in 2011 to decrease sodium and saturated fat, and to increase whole grains and fibre.

  • Increased whole grains to 10 grams and fibre to 2 grams in Quaker Chewy Granola Bars.

  • Launched Quaker Harvest Crunch Ancient Grains Granola Bars in 2012 featuring grains including Kamut® wheat, spelt, barley and quinoa. Each bar contains 3 grams of fibre and are 150 calories.

Learn more about Quaker foods & snacks here.

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